Here are a variety of accessories for the Corset Vest

If adduction of the legs is desired, Helios offers this solution; the arm sits on the corset with a quick decoupling hinge and follows the user’s leg up and down and at the angle desired, which provides a very stable grip, as the arm is mounted on the corset.

There is a cushion placed directly behind the kneecap which keeps the leg dynamically positioned outwards.

Helios Neck collar

Supports chin and cheek

With neck collar

Without neck collar

This chair helps the corset user to maintain their balance in a sitting position on the floor. The adjustable elastic of the chair means that you can adjust the traction, so that, when the user falls over, it helps them to get back up again, etc.

The user is then in a position that allows him or her to be more social than if they were sitting in a wheelchair or similar aid.

This feature is intended to make diaper changing easier. The bottom part of the corset can be tilted backwards so that it is not necessary for the user to remove the corset, e.g. if many changes are required. Many parents have found this feature especially helpful, as it makes diaper changing easier while on holiday, etc. See instructions.