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Helios Anatomic currently uses Skype for the following tasks:
For the assessment of candidates for:

  • Helios Corset vest
  • Helios Head supports
  • along with a range of other products

It is a quick and easy way to work and, not least, very time-efficient – which is why we often hold Skype meetings. These could, for example, be to see whether the preconditions for a Helios solution are present, and the extent to which work should continue with this solution.

This is possible because of Helios´ and our retailers’ many years of experience with children and young people with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy and spastic rotation problems.

Users frequently have an unstable sitting position and balance, and we often observe poor head control. We can offer advice based on our expertise and established position, with over 1500 Helios Corset vests on the European market: see our list of retailers under ‘menu’ for more information.

We have had the latest Skype unit installed on our computer screens, so we can check numerous details concerning the tasks.

Moreover, three people can be displayed on the computer screen.

For example:

  • Caseworkers from the municipality, translators, parents, our retailers, care personnel,
    technicians, treatment teams, etc.

It is thus possible to make quick decisions during the Skype meeting.

When can I use Skype?

Skype meetings often include:

  1. Assessment of candidates for our products
  2. Help with measurements/filling out measurement forms
  3. Adjustment agreements/problem solving/has the user grown out of the corset?
  4. Advice concerning correct techniques for moving users.
  5. Instruction: Correct placement of the user in the corset/Head support/Wheelchair/other
  6. For the drafting of offers from Helios and retailers
  7. Adjustments of Helios Corset vest, Head supports etc.
  8. Display of spare parts, technical assistance etc.
  9. Display of new updated Helios products
  10. Follow-up and participation in trials

Take advantage of this Skype service: it is a quick way to get things clarified and will often save a considerable amount of time for all parties involved.

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